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• Do I need a lift ticket on day 1 already?
• Yes. First experiences will be gathered quickly, and once we start practicing on the slopes, it will be faster and more convenient to use the lift than walking up on foot! The pass rates are available in our ski pass price list!

• How early should I book a private instructor?
Basically, the earlier the better! Especially if you want a specific instructor, early registration is very important.

• What if I get sick?
Let’s hope not! :-) Either you can change the appointment (if possible!); otherwise you will get a refund – but only by presenting a medical certificate!

• Can I join a skiing course even during the week?
Our beginner courses start on Sunday or Monday.
Advanced students can join on other days as well.
Private lessons are always possible.

• What criteria define the group division?
The groups are divided by age and skill level. In
different performance each student will get the maximum benefit from his or her training.

• Is the ski pass included in the course fee?
No, the ski pass is not included in course price. It may be purchased in the ski pass office, right next to our valley office!

• Is it compulsory to wear a helmet when skiing?
Yes. However, helmets are compulsory only up to the age of 14 years.
• What should I bring to my ski course or private lesson? Please refer to our Checklist!

• How important is the "right" technique when skiing? The skiing techniques taught in the Italian ski schools, makes it possible to practice this sport as safe and appropriate as possible. The proper technique makes skiing not only much easier but also more fun. By improving the correct posture and movements, you will gain a better control. The perception of speed, slope, weather and snow conditions will become more and more optimized.

• How much time do I need to learn and apply important technical elements?
This depends on several factors: 1.) The athletic preparation and athletic experience: It has been proven that people, who are already engaged in other sports, will learn a new sport and new movements much faster. 2.) Age: Studies have shown that children aged 3 years will need twice as long to learn the basic techniques (compared with children of 5-6 years). 3.) Motivation: The skiing student should practice the skills learned in the course also on his own, and repeat the correct movements as often as possible. Because also in skiing practice is everything.

• How can I correct technical errors?
Very often people come to us with the desire to correct their ski-technical errors. Such errors are very resistant, because they are consolidated schemes. These require a specific methodology and didactics, and a special personal commitment.

• What should I do if I'm late to the meeting point?
No problem. Please contact the staff in our offices. They will notify the instructor, and fix a new meeting point. There the instructor will pick you up as soon as possible.

• A map with all points can be found under Meeting Points